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OLD STYLE LOVE SONG   Vol 1 vol 2  vol 3  vol4  vol 5  vol 6    29

VOL 1 -HDVD 001

1,All I have to do is dream

Everly Brothers

14, The sound of silence

Simon &Garfunkel

2, Will you love me tomorrow

The shirelles

15, To sir with love


3, My way

Frank Sinatra

16, The godfather

Andy Williams


Julie Andrews

17, In the morning

Bee Gees

5, Too young

Nat king cole

18, To love sombody

Bee Gees

6, Puppy love

Paul anka

19, Scarborugh fair

Simon &Garfunkel

7,Put your head on my shoulder

Paul Anka

20, Romeo & Juliette

Andy williams

8, Detroit city

Tome Jones

21 The morning after

Maureen Mc Govem

9, Kiss me goodbye

Petula Clark

22, The way we were

Barbara Streisand

10, Goodbye girl

David Gates


Barbara Streisand

11, Devoted to you

Carly Simon

24, You light up my life

Debbie Boone

12, If you leave me now


25, I don't know how to love him

Helen Reddy

13, Sailing

Rod Stewar

26, Raindrops keep falling on my head

B,J Thomas

VOL 2 - HDVD 002

1, Feeling

Moris Albert

14, Take me country road

John Denver

2, Heart of gold

Neil Young

15, Please MR,Postman

The Carpenters

3, Stay a while

Dusty Springfield

16, Yelloww river


4, Rain &tears

Aphrodite& Child

17, Knock three times


5,Season in the sun

Terru Kacks

18, Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree


6, Song sung blue

Neil Diamond

19, She's a lady

Paul Anka

7, If


20,Sugar sugar

The Archies

8, Whitout you

Hary Nilsson

21, Snow bird

Anne Muray

9, Bridge over troubled water

Simon &Garfunkel

22, Top of the world

The Carpenters

10, Daddy's home

Cliff Richard

23, Paloma blanca

G, B, Selection

11, Release me

E, Humperdinck

24, Beautiful Sunday

Daniel Boone

12, The last wlatz

E, Humperdinck

25, It never rains in southern California


13,Smoke gets in your eyes

The Platters

26, El condor pasa

Andy Williams

VOL 3- HDVD 003

1, Green green grass of home

Tom Jones

14, Under the boardwalk

Bette Midler

2,San Francisco

Scott Mckenzie

15, Love stroy

Andy Williams

3, Cotton field


16, 4: 55

4, 500 miles away from home

Bobby Bare

17 Hello darling

Lynn Anderson

5, Let it be me

Everly Brothers

18, Can't take my eyes off you

Frankie Vallie

6, Guantanamera


19, Ding dong song

7, Yesterday


20, Sayonara

8, Crying in the rain

Everly Brothers

21, Cherry pink and apple blossom white

9, My home town

Paul Anka

22, Seven lonely days

Georgia Gibbs

10, Massachusetts

Bee Gees

23, Honey

Bobby Goldboro

11, I started a joke

Bee Gees

24, Goodbye jimmy good bye

Kathy Linden

12, Just walking in the rain

Johnnie Ray

25, Single girl

Sandy Posey

13, Summer kisses winter tears

Elvis Presley

26, Oh! Pretty woman

Roy Orbison

VOL 4 - HDVD004

1, Are you lonesome tonight

Elvis Presley

14, 500 Miles


2, Summer wine

Nancy Sinatra

15, Laughter in the rain

Neil Sekada

3, Love me tender

Elvis Presley

16, Don't cry Joni

Joni Lee

4, No more

Elvis Presley

17, Summer Holiday

Cliff Richard

5,Yellow bird

Bother Fours

18,The young one

Cliff Richard

6,Blowing in the wind


19, Times of your life

Paul Anka

7, Puff


20, Blame it on the bossanova

Eydile Gorme

8, Where have all the flowers gone

Kingston Trio

21, Those boots are made for walking

9, Green field

Brothers Four

22, Silver threads and golden needles

Nancy Sinatra

10, Try to remenber

Brothers Four

23, Walk away

Matt Monro

11, Chotto matte kudasai


24,Tom dooly

Kingston Trio

12, He'll have to go

Jim Reeves

25,Sad movie

Sue Thompson

13, Sukiyaki

Kyu Sakamoto

26, Down town

Petula Clark

VOL 5 - HDVD 005

1, Let it be


14,More than I can say

Leo Sayer

2,He ain't heavy he's my brother

The hollies

15, Stupid cupid

Neil Sedaka

3, I'd love you to want me


16, Rose rose I love you

Flankie Laines

4, How cant I tell her


17, Never on Sunday

Don Costa

5, Yesterdau once more


18, Itsy bitsy teenie weenie,,,

Brian Hyland

6, There's a kind of hush


19, Jambalaya

Hank Williams

7, You needed me

Anne Murrey

20, Wooden heart


8, I don't like to sleep alone

Paul Anka

21, Wooly bully

Elvis Presley

9, Killing me softly with his osng

Roberta Flack

22, Banana boat

The Pharaohs

10, Stoney


23, Those were the days

Mary Hopkins

11, And I love you so

Perry Como

24, Goodbye

Air Supply

12,Me and you and a dog named Boo


25, To know you is to love you

Bolly Vinton

13, Torn between two lovers

Mary macgregor

26, This is my song

Petuba Clark


VOL 6 - HDVD 006

1, I can't stop loving you

Ray Charles

14, House of a rising sun

The animals

2, Only you

The platters

15, Changing partners

Patti page

3, The great pretender

The platters

16, I went to your wedding

Patti Page

4, One way ticket


17, Rhtym of the rain

The Cascades

5, Oh! Carol

Neil Sedaka

18,Sealed with a kiss

Brian Hyland

6, Unchained melody

Rigthous Brothers

19, A dear john letter

Bobby Bare

7, Moon river

Andy Williams

20, The end of the world

Skeeter Davis

8, Diana

Paul Anka

21, I will follow him

Lettle Peggy March

9, Your cheating heart

Hank Williams

22, The river of no return

Marilyn Monroe

10, Donna donna

Joan Baez

23, Tell Laura I love her

Ray Peterson

11, I understand


24, The tennessee waltz

Patti Page

12, Pretty little baby

Connie Francis

25, The wedding

Julie Rogres

13, A guy is a guy

Doris Day

26, As tear go by

Marianne Faithful